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In Rialto, a city ruled by money and powered by magical thread, noblewoman Imelda Albizzi has long toiled to invent human flight. She’s spent years stitching wings with the enchanted corincanto and finally she’s on the cusp of success.
But her cousin, Rialto’s ruthless leader, threatens her future by betrothing her to a greedy foreign king. If she can sell the wings to her cousin’s political rival before the wedding, she’ll free herself to live as she wishes and marry who she wants.

Anselmo Errari, the man she loves, hides a secret—corincanto runs through his veins, endowing him with superhuman strength. If revealed, the priests will torture and execute him as a heretic. He’s the strongest soldier in the military, but his lowborn birth forbids him from marrying Imelda.

For years, he’s attempted to carve his way from poverty to nobility, and now he's desperate for one last gamble to join the upper classes: entering the deadly minotaur labyrinth, where he will prove himself worthy or die trying.

Available in ebook, hardback, paperback, and audiobook.

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