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I was feeling a bit discouraged about my book last week. Then I met with my new YA writing group on Friday. They. Are. Awesome. I love them! And I had some fun writerly chats with my friend Julie. And I had some good book chats with my friend, Anna, who has her Masters in Lit so she’s super fun to talk to about books.

And I got this rosy glow in my heart. Or was it a burning in my cheeks? ^_^

At any rate, I love being a writer. Not just for the obvious reason: I love writing. But I love talking about writing and discussing books the way writers do and thinking about writing and hanging out with other writers. I love telling people I’m a writer.

And, I really needed that. It was a rough few weeks, so it was really nice to feel good about my life’s work. (Well, my non-family life’s work.)

What do you love about being a writer?

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