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Babies, Goals, and Such

And really, just one baby. Mine. My little Turbo.

He sleeps! Not all night, but “through the night” (aka 5 hours). And he’s taking good naps again. So I’m no longer a cereal-eating, bathrobe-wearing zombie.

I’m just a cereal-eating, bathrobe-wearing mom. ^_^

Now that I’m more rested and more with-it mentally, I’m back in the blogging game.


So, it’s a new year and all, right? I think I’ll post my goals!

1. Write for at least 20 minutes every day. Totally manageable. (Starting yesterday! And I did it! Yay!)

I’m taking part in the Write Despite challenge. Take a look and join us!

2. Complete FRACTURED RADIANCE to queriable quality.

3. Complete first draft of RED SKY.

4. Query agents.

5. At least outline next planned WIP, if not start on the first draft.

6. Read at least 24 books this year. I wish I could do more, but with being a mom and trying really hard with my writing, I think 24 is a good enough goal. That’s two books a month, and I already have 12 built-in with my book club. So, I might even read more, who knows.

*EDIT: I remembered the other one! About 20 minutes after posting, but on the way to bed. Woohoo!

7. Blog (on here) weekly. Comment on blogs weekly as well.

I feel like I was intending to write one more, but I can’t remember it.* Such is life lately for me. I’m super forgetful, but it usually comes back. Eventually. So I guess I’m only slightly more with-it mentally.

Do you have any goals slash resolutions for 2013?

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