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End Piracy, Not Liberty

I was SO excited to participate in RTW today, since it’s been like two months since the last time I did, but I heartily agree with the stand against SOPA and PIPA that YA Highway is taking. They shared several links with information on these two bills and a few links to sites that are forming petitions.

While SOPA has been getting a lot of attention, PIPA is pretty scary too. Just watch this short video from Fight for the Future to learn how:

[Embed not working … but if you click on the link below, the video plays as soon as the page loads.]

Now hop over to Fight for the Future and sign their petition.

Or check out Google’s petition (and sign it!).

Or jump over to YA Highway for a few more links.

These bills are scary with the amount of censorship control they give to the government. Luckily for us, we live in a democracy. Our voices can be heard–they can do something.

Now let’s exercise that right to defend our freedom of speech.

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