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Every Writer Needs Fans

Now, when I say the word ‘fans’ I use it loosely. I don’t mean fans like crazed Justin Bieber followers.

Obviously, not being published, I don’t have people who are dying for my next book to come out and wish my love interests were real, but I do have people who believe in me. Like sports fans. You know, the kind that just cheer you on because they like you. I love BYU football. And they used to suck. Big time. But I still attended every home game and cheered them on because I believed in them!

As my last day of work drew closer, people started telling me how much they love me. Kidding! But they did start telling me goodbye. And many of them told me they knew I’d be a famous published author someday and they would buy my books and I better sign all of their copies.

Now, don’t think I let that kind of talk get to my head (just KNOW that I did! XD). But it was nice to know that people had faith in me. No one in my office ever read my work. Most of them don’t even know what genre my books are, beyond YA. But they know me and want me to succeed.

We need people like that. Writing is such a lonely, solitary affair. And let’s be honest, we writers are highly neurotic. There are so many voices–including the one(s) in our head–telling us we’ll fail, we suck, THISISCOMPLETEDRIVELYOUSHOULDJUSTBEANACCOUNTANT!!!!!!

At those times, just think about your fans. Those people who think you’re awesome, even on the days when everything you write is complete drivel. Your family, your friends, you coworkers, that creepy guy at the gym who always talks to you. (Okay, scratch that. Don’t think about him. He just makes you want to curl up in the fetal position and cry.)

If nothing else, you know Tahereh Mafi believes in you. Because she’s awesome and believes in everyone.

So, who’s your biggest fan?

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