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Faye Valentine Cosplay

I watched Cowboy Bebop back in 2019 and just loved it. I knew immediately I needed to cosplay as Faye. I completed the costume right after covid struck and so I didn’t get to wear it because the con I was going to attend was obviously cancelled. And then the next con. And the next. And the next. And I won’t be able to attend one in July because of family plans.

So, you can imagine, I was dying to wear my cosplay!

While I was at in Utah for the Storymakers writing conference, I asked my good friend Kelly Moore to do a photo shoot. It was so much fun! We took pictures in downtown Provo, which is a really fun place with lots of great walls.

To accommodate my dressing standards, I wore a long-sleeve full body suit. I was bummed at the hem on my shoulder, but what are you gonna do. And I know most people wear nude thigh-highs for Faye, but they always looked purple to me in the show, so that’s what I chose. Though I did get a run in one lying in the grass, so I’ll probably wear my backup nudes next time. And as for my bangs, I was far too nervous to trim them to a widow’s peak. I tried combing them into clumps to have the same shape, but this wig is thick and was having none of that.

I also learned I have no idea how to hold a cigarette, lol.

I’m still itching to cosplay as Faye at a con, but in the meantime, these pics are keeping me happy!

And some dancing pictures as a nod to the opening credits.

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