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I had a baby!

Yep, I’m a mom now. Be afraid, world, be very afraid.

In all seriousness, though, my little Turbo* was born last week and things have been going pretty well so far–on the baby front. The writing front? Not so much, but no one’s blaming me, least of all myself. So until I post again, here’s a funny video for you to watch:

Does this video make anyone else hopeful for the rising generation?

Have a Happy Friday and a Happy Undetermined-Amount-Of-Time-Till-I-Post-Again! ^_^

*NOT his real name.** I used it as a placeholder name during pregnancy, and it’s become his nickname.

**Because I love my child and don’t want to ruin any hope of him having a decent career. Can you imagine a Dr. Turbo Atkins? Sounds like a wrestler. Who eats a low carb diet.

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