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It’s a Major Award!

The lovely and fun Miss Cole gave me two awards this weekend. So first I want to give her a shout out: Thanks!! And you should visit her blog, because it’s awesome. Not only does she blog about writing, but she posts a song every Wednesday that’s sure to get you motivated, and a picture every Friday taken by herself (and usually of beautiful England!).

The Rules of “The Versatile Blogger” award and “The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award” are

1) Thank and link to the person who nominates you. 2) Share seven random facts about yourself. 3) Pass the award to five more blogger friends. 4) Contact and congratulate the blogs nominated.

These awards are such a great way to increase friendship and networking between us bloggers, don’t you think? So! I’m going to nominate:

Stephanie Allen for her ability to graduate by surprise.

Kirsten Lopresti for being the coolest mom and sending her kids to science camp(!).

Kristin Laughtin for inventing the word ‘sequelitis’.

Tracey Neithercott for always having the best images and gifs. (Seriously, girl, where do you find those?)

Aaaaand Alison Miller for having the best blog title ever.

All of these blogs are fantastic and you should MOS DEF check ’em out!

Now SEVEN things about me!

1. I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper. Like, it’s a problem. I go to Sonic every day for a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla. If you haven’t tried vanilla in your Diet Dr. yet, then get on it!

2. I graduated from BYU with a degree in Linguistics. That was my 5th official major (Pre-Broadcast Journalism then Pre-Public Relations freshman year, Fitness and Well sophomore year, Athletic Training first half of junior year, then halfway through junior year realized I stink at science and succumbed to my liberal arts brain and went with linguistics, which I LOVED).

3. I play the piano, but I’ve also dabbled in the violin, bells/xylophone, bassoon, and clarinet. I also really want to learn to play the cello someday.

4. I was a lifeguard for 2 years, then a lifeguard supervisor for 3 years at a water park in my hometown. MY MOST FAVORITEST JOB OF EVER, so far. Did you know you can be passionate about lifeguarding? I was!

5. I’m kind of a spelling nut, but I have the hardest time remembering which words are compound words and which are just two words. I usually err on the side of making them separate words. My last manuscript for school was littered with marks from my professor telling me to combine words. (Why is this so hard for me??)

6. In case it’s not obvious, I love languages (part of the word nerd thing, right?). I minored in Italian in college and also took 3 semester of Japanese. I took a semester of American Sign Language in college, and three years of French in high school. I also really want to learn a Polynesian language, Russian, Arabic (especially! so pretty), and Biblical Hebrew.

7. I don’t have a “favorite” author. I rarely go on an author binge, unless I’m reading a series. I have a bit of a short attention span and jump around from author to author, genre to genre. But my favorite genre is most definitely young adult. I also love urban fantasy and high fantasy. And anything contemporary.

So there you have it! Seven random things about me. Now I need to paint the kitchen. I’ll be back tomorrow with a more writerly post. 🙂

Happy Labor Day!

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