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Kris Atkins, MFA

So, I have this weird thing (perhaps not so weird, I dunno) where I don’t announce online whenever a) the Mister is out of town or b) we’re both out of town. I feel like doing so is announcing to the bad people of the world, “I’m/My house is vulnerable! Come rob us!”

So that’s why I didn’t warn y’all I’d be out of town the last week and a half. That, and I was hoping I’d get at least some time in for blogging. But it was not so.

I flew back to South Carolina to officially become an official Master of Fine Arts. Yup, I walked. I was hooded. I received my degree. It was pretty surreal, let me tell you. Getting my Master’s degree has been a lifelong goal since I was in middle school or so. So, to see it come to fruition … pretty gnarly!

You said you want to see pictures? Okay!

Photo Op!

Blurry hooding action shot!

luk at us weer smart!

That’s my friend, Lindsay. We met on our very first day of our first residency over two years ago, and have been friends ever since.

There’s something awesome about friends who are also fellow writers. A shared passion that creates a tight bond. I love Lindsay for lots of reasons (she’s an awesome person), but one of my favorite things is that she gets the whole “living in your head with made up people” thing.

And she writes YA, which makes her even more awesome.

So, YAY, I have my degree! Now to just get the agent and publishing contract … ^_^

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