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Monday Morning Nonsense

Nothing like a full dose of nonsense first thing in the morning, eh? Today marks a great day for me: I am turning in my “two weeks” notice. I say “two weeks” because it’s actually more like a “my last day is the end of the month” notice. I’ve been working as an assistant in the finance industry for the past 3 years. It’s been a great job (solid 8 hours a day, they’ve let me leave for my 2-week-long school residencies 4 times in the last two years, a cafeteria with Diet Dr. Pepper in the building), but I’m ready to be done. It’s not my passion, you know? (Well, you know now, at least.) What will I do after that? I’m not sure! The thought of freelance writing has crossed my mind, but I haven’t had a lot of time to conduct research on that yet. Maybe after a month I’ll go crazy and get a part-time job, but for now I’m looking forward to spending the bulk of my day writing! Huzzah!

Also! I’m on Facebook! I’ve decided to give the ol’ Fan Page thing a try (a la Nathan Bransford’s suggestion–he’s such a smarty pants). If you like, check me out. I’m still new to it, but right now my plan is to share links from the writing world (and some from the non-writing world). It’s worth a shot! What’s the worst that could happen? Well, I suppose no one could ever fan me and then I could get so depressed that I kill myself by eating too many cupcakes (but what a glorious way to go!). So click here to check out my page, or just look at the box on the right side of my blog!

This week is “Operation: I have to mail my first assignment by Friday at the very latest.” (Kind of a long name… let’s call it O:IHTMMFABFATVL. That’s much better, doncha think?) This semester, my LAST = thesis semester. My thesis = 120 pages of a creative work of publishable quality. I will not finish the book (the literary YA); instead, that will put me about halfway through the book. When I began this semester, I had 103 pages, 19 chapters, and 26,640 words. My goal is 135-140 pages. That way, if anything is terrible, I can cut it without having to add pages. (But if the whole thing is terrible … well, I guess I’ll just fail out and start panhandling down on the 16th Street Mall.) During O:IHTMMFABFATV I’m going to work, work, work on the manuscript (and also at work, and also work out, and also go to my writing group… and possibly sleep and DEFINITELY drink some Diet Dr. Pepper). I’ll come back with a full report on Friday to let you know where I stand!

Happy Monday!

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