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My Galaxy Hair

I forgot to post about my new hairdo. I’ve been wanting to dye my whole head for a loooong time, but didn’t want to worry about the upkeep. But then I learned about shadow roots, which will allow me to go a little longer between touch ups. Ta-dah! I can go whole hog. At first I was thinking of just going purple, because it would be easiest, but as I searched for images, I fell in love with one that was purple, blue, and a bit of pink. So that’s what I did. And I absolutely LOVE it. My aunt said I’m living color, which delighted me. And another friend said he’ll never not believe this isn’t my natural color because it suits me so well. Best compliment ever!

Here’s to being bold!

For those curious, I used Pravana Violet, Blue, and Wild Orchid.

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