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My Week

Thanks everyone for your concern over the bathtub. And don’t worry, I’ve never actually done that; my Reasonable Side is sometimes stronger than my Silly Side, and this was one of those rare cases. ^_^

So this week I:

1) Started a new day job. It’s a part-time office administrator job–nothing exciting. But I am really enjoying the opportunity to get out of the house for a few hours each day and, OH YEAH, shower and wear real clothes.

But the most important part of this whole job thing is I have to figure out a new daily schedule. Just when I finally got a hang of being home all day, I had to go change things around. Silly Kris. I work every day till one so I think I’m going to schedule writing time from two to five every day.

2) Single-handedly at 60% of a 9×13 chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting. I’m … not proud of this. (Okay, maybe I am.)

3) Been obsessed with Florence + the Machine’s newest album, Ceremonials, and all music by Philip Glass.

Oh, you’ve never heard of Philip Glass? Well, you should. He’s a minimalist composer and has composed a few film scores, including The Hours and Truman Show. Most of his music is dark, moody, and emotive. I’ve loved him for a while, but for some reason, I can’t get enough of dark and moody music lately.

My two favorite pieces:

“Pruit Igoe” About two and a half minutes in, the organ and horns kick in, and OHMYGOSH, if you don’t get goosebumps you must be dead.

“Mad Rush” This piece isn’t quite as dark, but it’s still very moody. Once again, about two and half minutes in, everything gets kicked up a notch and it’s wonderful.

They’re a bit long, but so worth it.

4) Received (yes, me personally) over a foot over snow. It’s been snowing for over 36 hours now nonstop. And I loooove it. I’m about to play in the yard with my dogs a bit. They love the snow even more than me and it’s pretty adorable. Last night the snow poured from the sky and wind ripped it off the trees, but today big, soft flakes drift from the sky. The birds are out and singing, and it’s basically the perfect winter day. I would even say it could qualify as Plato’s Ideal.

And lastly 5) Haven’t written. At all. I’ve been trying to take care of a few loose ends now that I’ve got a job (random deep cleaning around the house). It’s been sad. However! Today I will write. And I. Can’t. Wait.

How was your week?

(Edit: If you listen to “Pruit Igoe” while watching the red pandas play, it suddenly makes them seem alarmingly sinister.)

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