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Oh yeah, I’m indie publishing FSaK!

And here’s my cover!

I started thinking about indie publishing last May. Actually, I got barely even a inkling and I pushed it away. “That’s not my plan!” I thought. “That’s too much work!” And it is a ton of work. But see, that tiny little niggle grew. And I realized that it was God (or the universe, or my intuition–whatever floats your boat) telling me I should indie publish. At first I had the old responses (see quotes above), but then I thought about it more and started to get excited. There are a lot of pros to traditionally publishing, but there are a lot of pros to indie publishing. I get full control! Title? Mine! Cover? Mine! How much press it gets? Mine! All these things I control. Which is pretty cool, and works for someone like me. (aka, someone who likes things her way)

So yes, here I am, months later, staring down my publication date: May 2! Yes, that’s in 2023. Yes, that’s super close. I’ve been working my butt off doing revisions and getting the cover done and finding graphic designers and editors and doing all the research. I’m a bit (*ahem*a lot) freaked out, but I’m excited. Which is how I’d feel going into trad publishing as well. It’s a scary and big thing to put your book baby into the world. I’m sure there’s no way I can completely prepare for that feeling. But I’m ready.

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