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On Being Unemployed

First off, it’s awesome! I’m lucky enough to have a sugar daddy husband who makes enough that I can take some time off from work. My last day of work was Wednesday. It was bittersweet. I really enjoyed working for my boss and with my coworkers. However, I was burned out. I was having a hard time getting everything done — work, school, keeping the house clean, and working out. Reading? Yeah, that never happened. And let’s be honest, I haven’t been able to do as much writing as I would’ve liked. I know other people are rock stars and can do it all–with kids as a single parent!!–but I’m not that awesome. Almost, but not quite. 😉

So now I need to find a daily routine! And some sort of part-time job to get me through the end of school. Did I mention that I graduate with my MFA in January?? Holy moly, it’s almost here! I have some plans up my sleeve for what I’ll do after that momentous event, but I want to lay some groundwork before divulging my plans.

It’s Saturday! And my BYU Cougars are taking to the field. I absolutely love me some BYU football. So I’m watching the game this afternoon. But I’ll be productive while I watch it; I’m going to revamp my resume!

Happy Weekend! Here’s another inspiring song from Metric:



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