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Post the First

Confession: I had to drink a lot of caffeine to write this post.

Not because I didn’t get enough sleep last night. In fact, my problem was too much sleep (what a lovely problem, too much sleep!) so I was a bit groggy this morning. But the caffeine is working its voodoo magic and I’m feeling like my chipper self already.

So! I have a new blog! A writerly blog, in which I will talk about writerly things! And maybe some non-writerly things, because we have to fill our lives with non-writerly things (else what would we write about?). I’m excited about this new blog, blank and full of potential (like my mind! I mean–wait–nevermind). I’ve been devouring writing/publishing blogs for years now–even commenting from time-to-time on my personal account. But it’s time to dive into this literary world as my literary self, because I’m pretty sure the publishing world isn’t so much interested in my kitchen renovation or monthly goals. But it should be interested in my dogs, because they are very cute. I’m just sayin’, that’s all.

So who am I? I’m Kris Atkins, your friendly aspiring author and written-word-enthusiast. I love all things written. I still read the backs of cereal boxes. I wrote short stories in high school. Then I wrote only papers–and lots of them!–in college. Then I graduated and got back into writing, but this time I only think in novels, and YA novels for that matter. (I actually have a historical fiction novel in mind, but that’s on my “to write in like 10 years when I actually have time for the research” list.) I am currently working on two YA novels: one urban fantasy and one more literary. Umm, working on two projects simultaneously is both great and super hard, I’ll be honest. But that’s what writing is all about! I’m getting my MFA from Converse College (and I will certainly write posts about why I chose to pursue my MFA and why I love my program at Converse so very, very much). I have a wonderful writing group that I just adore (except right after they’ve ripped me to shreds critiqued my work. Then I write them into my stories and kill their dogs and cats … and leave them bankrupt … and really, really dirty … in a ditch!)

What about my non-writerly life? I love decorating/DIY. I am an exercise addict. I love snowboarding and I go mountain biking, even though it terrifies me and I have incurred a brain fluid leak from said activity (true story). I have an accountant husband who helps me remember to do important stuff like pay my bills. And I have two adorable shiba inus who probably get sick of me telling them everyday how cute they are and how much I love them.

So, who are you?

(PS–Word Press says “writerly” is not a word. I insist that it is! Or at least, it should be.)

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