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RTW: MY Road Trip, Holla!

So, I feel like the name of the last two years in particular has been: HEAVY TRAFFIC.

Starting grad school in the middle of a first draft, then trying to finish that draft and start on revisions, while working on a completely different first draft for school, has been, like this sentence, convoluted at times. I am so grateful for the opportunity to pursue my MFA, so I’m not complaining! I probably could’ve handled it better, though (but no sense in harboring regrets!).

While sometimes I’ve felt like I’m crashing and burning …

(particularly when I realize a book needs an entire overhaul), I have to stop and revel in the times when things work out just right …

(great feedback from a prof or writing group, things click in my ms., etc.).

Overall, I’d say my journey has been pretty smooth …

Though perhaps ridiculous at times).

What’s next? Well, as already stated, my goal is to start querying next year. Will it be Red Sky, Sparks, or some future work first? I don’t know! And that’s the fun part.

And of course, as of January, I’ll have my Masters! w00t!

I can sum up my hopes for next year as: ONWARD AND UPWARD, BABY!

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