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RTW: Wuv, Twoo Wuv

I’m actually home on a Wednesday morning and can post! Yippee!!

So what’s my WIP’s love list? This should be pretty easy, because I’m currently in a stage where I love it. (Does anyone else fall in and out of love with their WIP? I swear, it’s like we’ve been married for fifteen years or something.)

-Li and Jin

-Their interactions and dialogue–so much fun to write

-Gavin, the brother

-The UN


-Revisiting New York (at least in my mind and on paper)

-Evil V

-THE kiss

-Jor Hamdal, the neighbor

-Astrid, the best friend

-A rocky cove in the Pacific Northwest


-Rooftop pool

-Red herrings and political intrigue

-Pez dispensers

So my brother is almost done with the critique on the first 40k and it’s time to jump back into the manuscript. I’m so excited! I’ve got plenty of edits to throw into those 40k words, and then I’ll wrap this bad boy up. And then, of course, start the revision phase. But I love this book, and this RTW prompt was perfectly timed.

What do you love about your novel?

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