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RTW: YA Friends!

Back in the day, as in just a few years ago, my ya-loving friends were like this cat’s friend:

[Pic redacted.]

No, not colorful, blobby, cigarette-smoking (cyclopi? no clue). They weren’t real!

I didn’t know anyone who loved to read ya literature. Sad, I know. But that’s started to change!

My mom took a ya literature class in school and fell in love with it. But now she’s an elementary school librarian, so most of her energy goes into MG.

I’ve turned my younger sister onto ya, and she and I love talking books.

My sister-in-law also enjoys ya books, so I love giving her suggestions.

And lastly, one of my writing group members is ya writer and reader like me, so we’re always swapping suggestions at meetings.

And now I’m all never leave me!

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