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Six Sentence Sunday

Turbo and I are off to Utah to visit friends and family this week, so an early, easy post is on order: Six Sentence Sunday!

Another excerpt from my thesis because, well, I’m still embarrassed by most of the writing in FRACTURED RADIANCE. Which I totally need to get over, seeing as it’s first draft writing, but still. These are the interwebs, you know? NOTHING ON HERE DISAPPEARS!!! dun dun dun

Aaaanyhow, here’s another six sentence excerpt from RED SKY:

It’s hard not to let my temper flare up. I usually have it under rein, but sometimes it slips away from me. My therapist says it’s a symptom of post traumatic stress disorder. Until my therapist said I had it, I’d only heard of war vets suffering from PTSD. Sometimes I like to speak in a grizzled voice and tell Graham about my days in ‘Nam. He thinks I’m strange.
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