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Six Sentence Sunday

I was talking with a CP recently about how she knows that one of her books is the best she’s ever written, and she feels deep down that it might be the best she’ll ever write.

I immediately thought about my thesis. I can say, without a doubt, that it’s the best book I’ve ever written*. By a long shot. I won’t say that it might be the best I’ll ever write, because I’ve only written one other full book besides it, and then my current WIP (which is almost finished, wee!). But I love this book. It is intensely personal to me in so many ways, and I really ripped my heart out and wiped it all over the pages. Kinda messy, often painful, but the result is something that I love.

Anyhow, my goal is to finish it next month, after I get FRACTURED RADIANCE all ended and off to my CPs. So, to show RED SKY a little love, I thought I’d feature it in a Six Sentence Sunday.**

I take a long hot shower, smelling the salt water afresh as it slips off my body. When I get out, the storm has broken. Thunder shudders against the walls. The rain slaps against the windows, begging to be let in. I cocoon myself in oversized sweats and lay on my bed, watching the lightning outside. I feel like I’m still in the water, the rolling sensation of the waves trapped in my muscles and marrow.

This was kind of a random choice, though perhaps inspired by the fact that I miss the beach like crazy (and this is right after a day spent at the beach). I’ll also admit that I’m proud of this little bit of writing–I can admit that, right?

Do you have a book that you love beyond all reason? Do you feel strongly about any of your novels that they are The One? Or are you still searching for that story?

*Yeah, it’s not quite finished yet, but it’s still awesome.

**Idea stolen from another fabulous CP, Kitty!

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