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That’s Why They Call Them Business … Cards

Because it’s business time!

I declared to my fellow writing group member David Boop that I’m ready to “CON IT UP, BABY!” (I may have left out the baby, I can’t be sure.) He was very excited about this news, since he’s been trying to get me and the other aspiring YA author in the group, the fabulous Amanda, to start networking. He said I needed to be sure I had some business cards.

I have an awesome friend who sent me a template. I’ve been playing around with layouts. At first, I was thinking having my title line list my genres, so “young adult | urban fantasy” but Dave mentioned that I should add little one-liners about my WIPs on the back of my card. So, then I was thinking of just putting “young adult author” on the front, and the back would explain what genres I’m currently working on. That way, if my next WIP is a paranormal romance (which is just may or may not be…), I don’t have to print up new cards. I’m currently leaning towards the second option.

SO! What say ye, tomodachi?

Behind Curtain One!


Curtain Number Dos!

I absolutely love how the cards are relatively simple yet still visually catching and, of course, PINK CHEVRON!

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