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This is How You Feel After a Full Day of Writing

At least, feel brain dead.

My second and last full rough draft of my thesis arrives at my professor’s today. I have one month and one week until the final draft is due.

You could say I’m excited. And a little freaked out. Is it going to be good enough? I do feel that this draft is strong. So that’s good!

So where are we know, stat-wise?

Beginning of the semester:

Chapters: 19

Pages: 103

Words: 26,640

8/15 Draft:

Chapters: 27

Pages: 125

Words: 32,553

10/7 Draft:

Chapters: 28

Pages: 133

Words: 33,706

It’s strange to work so much on a partial of a novel. The first chapter alone has been through several drafts. So once I finally finish the book, not just the thesis, it’ll be a bit unbalanced at first.

But that’s okay! Because I’ll have my grade by then. ^_^

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