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To Write Book Two, Or Not To Write Book Two

That is the question, i miei amici.

So, when I wrote the first draft of the original incarnation of FRACTURED RADIANCE, my plan was not to write the second unless it got picked up for publication. The idea behind it was, if the novel didn’t get picked up, I wouldn’t “waste my time” (oh, naive Kris!) writing the second one.

However, part of me still likes that plan, but not because I consider it a waste to write the second book of a series that might not ever get published. Rather, it’s due to the fact that I have so many dang book ideas that are just clamoring to be written. And if I decide to write Book Numero Dos (which TOTALLY has a title, and did before Book One even did), I might not get to draft that Book TBA this year, the one I mentioned in my Schmesolutions post. And I have been sitting on that idea for over a year now. So yeah, I really want to get to it.

So the answer sounds simple, right? Just wait to right Book Two until (IF) I get a publishing contract. But Book One and Book Two are now connected in so many ways. I’ve had to juggle what to reveal in Book One, while planning on what to reveal in Book Two. But I know if I wrote Book Two before Book One is completely ready, I would have a better idea of what to reveal in Book One. I wish I could explain how this all works, but I can’t because that’s part of the fun of this series. (I hope that wasn’t confusing as all get out! It’s early … ish … ) So now I have a big draw to write Book Two.

Plus it’s going to be a really fun book.

But I’m soooo excited for Book TBA!


(Also, I can’t work on two novels simultaneously. It’s not shifting voices that trips me up. It’s the emotions. I have a hard time unplugging my emotions and mind from one set of chars, and then connecting as deeply with another, and then back and forth. I get the best results when I draft or revise one book at a time.)

SO! Now I want to hear from y’all: If you are writing or have written a series, did you go ahead and plow to future books without a publishing contract? Why or why not?

Help a sista out, yo!

I mean, please. 🙂

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