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What’s Up Wednesday

DON’T FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS!! MY NEW BLOG ADDRESS AS OF 7/24/13 WILL BE KRISATKINSWRITES.WORDPRESS.COM. (you can access it there now; your browser will redirect you back to until the 24th)


Look at me! Jumping on the fun blog series bandwagon and doing What’s Up Wednesday. Because it looks totes fun.


I’m re-reading the beautiful Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks for my book club. I read it for the first time back in high school (or therea

bouts) and I’m excited to rediscover it. So far, about 40 pages in, the writing and emotions are as beautiful as I remember them. I’m a little nervous for when her sons die (not a spoiler–you learn they will on, like, page 3) because I have a really hard time reading about kids getting really hurt or dying these days. So, I know I will cry. A lot. But it will be worth it.


Thanks to an awesome sauce writer support facebook group I’m in, I’ve been super awesome with my editing lately. I’m currently on chapter 15 of the existing 23 chapters of FRACTURED RADIANCE and, if I keep up my awesomeness, I’ll be ready to write the third act and finish this bad boy by Monday, July 22nd. Squee! (Also, awesome is one of my favorite words. But don’t worry, it rarely makes it into my fiction.) (ALSO also, if you’d like to be a member of this awesome facebook group, send me a message and we’ll connect on facebook and then I’ll invite you. It’s worth it (if you’re active), I swear.)


My awesome facebook group. Have I mentioned it yet? Oh I have? Okay then. And my writing group. I know I’ve mentioned them.


After a super fun three weeks in Charleston, I’m glad to be home. My house is still pretty disorganized from my haphazard unpacking (couldn’t find my deodorant for two days, gross!) but that’s okay. My trip was pretty hectic and action-filled, but I still feel like my batteries got recharged. And I’m going to ride my bike (early) tomorrow morning for the first time in almost two years! I’m so excited; I really missed it last year while preggers.

Also, my little brother leaves the country tomorrow for TWO WHOLE YEARS! He won’t come back and we’ll only be able to email weekly and talk on the phone twice a year. I’m gonna miss that crazy kid. Seriously, he’s a nut. But a really fun nut.

That was fun. Yay! Are you a WUW participant?

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