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What’s Up Wednesday: Starting Revisions Edition


My books arrived at the library last Thursday! Yay! Picking up three books from the library is pretty close to Christmas for me. I started with The Color of Water by James McBride and so far it is excellent. It’s a memoir and structured in a very interesting way. The author, James McBride, writes about his own experiences growing up in Civil Rights-era New York City with a white mother and 11 siblings. Alternating his chapters are chapters about his mother that seem to be transcribed from her own words. She was born in Poland to a Jewish rabbi, then moved to the States when she was a girl in the 20s. When she grew up, she married a black Baptist preacher and had 12 kids. Sounds pretty amazing, right? It is! You should read it.


Well, it’s time for revisions! Ahhh! So exciting! And I’m jumping right into the middle because I submit to my writing group this week and they’re on chapter 11 (or thereabouts). After I get those chapters edited (tomorrow), I’m going to print out the whole book and read it on paper. Because of the very extensive work the first two acts have endured, they’re pretty strong so I’m going to focus on the extremely rough last act. Hopefully I can get this book thoroughly enough revised to ship it off to betas in November so I can do NaNo! Anyone else planning on doing NaNo?


I’ve been on a big house-project-completing kick this week, so basically everything around my house that needs to be done. (Which is a lot.) Mostly, I’m feeling very inspired by bright colors like teal and hot pink. In fact, I painted my front door a darkish teal yesterday and I loooooove it. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.


I painted my front door a darkish teal yesterday and I loooooove it. ;D Our siding is light gray and the trim is white, so it’s a fun contrast. I have a big mirror above my kitchen table that used to have a gold leaf frame, but when I got it I (thought I) liked dark furniture (I don’t anymore) and didn’t like gold (I do now), so I painted black over it. Blah. I tried to take off the paint with nail polish remover the other night and while that worked, the gold leafing came off too. Poo. So I’m going to paint the frame of it hot pink. Weeee! And this weekend I’m going to have the Mister move his moose rack out of the man cave and into the living room above the piano because, darn it, I like it! Aaaaand we’re planning our backyard sprucing-up plans for next year, which is really, really exciting because currently it’s more of a wilderness than a backyard. And I have a million more in my head I’m thinking about. So yeah, house projects. Fun!

And I got a new haircut, which is always a fun day. ^_^

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