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What’s Up Wednesday: The Ongoing Saga Edition


I finished Seraphina a few days ago and wow. That book blew my mind. And also depressed me at first because I kept floundering in these feelings of I’ll-never-write-as-well-as-this!! But then I signed a pact to only be inspired by good books and not downtrodden by them. So, yes! I’m inspired. It’s so good.

I just started Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper. I actually read it back in 7th grade and I’ve been wanting to re-read it and then finish off the whole series (The Dark is Rising), and lo and behold, we picked it for book club. So yay!


Oh, you know, same old same old. Still chugging along on FRACTURED RADIANCE (which will eventually need a new title because Jocelyn Davies has a book out called A Fractured Light. Sigh.). The story’s coming along and I’m loving it more and more every day. The developments!! I had an awesome shower idea yesterday (aka, an idea occurred to me while showering) and then one last night and they keep coming and it’s awesome. I’m obsessing over the story quite a bit, but it’s a good thing because this book will get finished by August 31st!!!


My story, funny enough. The more I work on it, the more I think about it during the day, and the more my brain works to figure out the plot and problems I may have. Sure, my laundry is sitting in a pile on the love seat while I type this, but who cares!!! There is writing to be done!!

… But I probably should go grocery shopping when Turbo wakes up.


Happily, nothing! My life has been crazy all summer and this is the first week of quiet. The Mister had a big 100-mile mountain bike race on Saturday and he ROCKED it. And then he was supposed to have a championship race this weekend–and it was going to be his last race of the season–but it was cancelled due to a wildfire, and suddenly his season is over and our weekend is open and empty. I love it! Lots of time to write and I need to paint some furniture. Oh, and Psych. Definitely need to get caught up on Shawn’s and Gus’s adventures. (Is it just me or is this season the funniest so far? The dialogue is really awesome.)

So, what you reading, writing, inspired by, and up to this week?

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