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Writing Desk Tour

Inspired by Christine’s happy board tour, I thought I’d do my own. I share my office with Kurt’s hunting gear, a guest bed, and a closet full of coats we keep saying we’ll wear but never do (like my snowboarding coat *sniff*). I’ve curated a collection of inspiring and beloved items, mostly related to my writing journey. It makes me happy every time I sit down to write.

Here’s the entire space. The extra screen is actually a TV. I’ve long had neck problems, and working on a laptop exacerbates them a hundred fold. So Kurt bought me this TV that I connect to my laptop via an HDMI cable. The TV is cheap, so the colors don’t render the same and it’s a little fuzzy, but it’s perfectly serviceable. Most importantly, my neck is much happier. I got the monitor stand from Target because Target is the best. I needed it to raise the TV up so I can look at it straight on. Neck issues, y’all. They suck. The bulletin board above the screen is actually an old canvas I had lying around that I upholstered with some fabric I had lying around. It’s now filled with character collages I made last year. I love looking at them while I’m brainstorming and seeing my characters and their aesthetic come to life.

Now for a closer look! If you’re still reading, thanks for hanging with me.

  1. This is probably my favorite item on the desk. It’s a baby gift from Christine, an antique golden apple bell she found on Etsy. Why an apple? My story is inspired by the Trojan War, which all started with the golden apple of discord, created by the goddess Eris to cause drama when she was excluded from the wedding of none other than the parents of Achilles. I’m a huge nerd and love collecting items related to my stories. Christine, knowing that, searched out this incredibly thoughtful gift.

  2. Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards to Help You Help Yourself–without the Self-Help-Ness! A Christmas gift from my friend and member of my writing group, Brittany.

  3. My pen holder, a Christmas gift from Kurt. Lots of gifts in this list.

  4. Another Christmas gift from Brittany, a Steve Harrington mug that says World’s Best Mom. I don’t want it relegated to a kitchen cupboard and the dishwasher, so it’s my bookmark holder.

  5. Message board, gift from my friend and other writing group member Amanda, currently filled with my search and destroy words, aka all my crutch words I need to delete in my final drafts. The two round magnets are from Brittany; the raccoon (“My face when I write a plot twist”) from Amanda; and the one at the bottom is my magnet business card. (Amanda this last Christmas also made custom file folders covered in her favorite quotes from FSaK. They’re amazing.)

  6. Tiny Daruma doll, courtesy of Christine.

  7. Reading woman sticker from my mom.

  8. Luna Lovegood FunkoPop keychain from Christine. (Have we encountered any non-gifts yet?)

  9. “There’s a story behind everything, but behind all your stories is always your mother’s story because hers is where yours begins. -Mitch Albom” Greeting card from a friend when I was pregnant with Turbo. (And I’m writing this post one-handed with Bean on my lap. … Oh great, he just pooped.)

  10. Harry Potter FunkoPop keychain from Christine.

  11. “The library knows its own mind. When it steals a boy, we let it keep him. -Laini Taylor” From her Strange the Dreamer book signing.

  12. Strange the Dreamer sticker from the same signing.

  13. My first chapter contest 1st place certificate.

  14. My name badge from this year’s Storymakers conference, with my first place ribbon.

  15. “Be Bold” light I got from Target, a reminder to be unafraid in my writing.

  16. Mother’s Day gift from Turbo. It says “I ❤ U” and he’s the I. Pretty adorable.

  17. Picture from my MFA graduation.

  18. “Grits Are Good for You” bumper sticker from a favorite restaurant in my hometown, which has sadly gone out of business.

  19. Painting my friend Camille made for my birthday. I’m wearing funky socks, drinking DDP, reading in the bath, and my hair has purple and teal in it. I love this so much. Another incredibly thoughtful gift. It ties for favorite with the golden apple from Christine.

We’re almost done!

  1. My ever-growing collection of craft books.

  2. A pencil case from Korea, a gift from my friend Julie. “Hope. It hopes that wait. Because think request to call on next by that wait something.” Engrish is one of my favorite things ever.

  3. A collection of writing quotes from Brittany.

  4. My actual Daruma doll, from Christine. I filled in his second eye when I queried CoF.

  5. A truncated version of my favorite writing quote by Ira Glass, from Brittany.

There you have it! If you actually read this whole thing, let me know and I’ll mail you some chocolate because that’s seriously impressive. You must love me big time.

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