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WUW: Real Quick!

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop that’s easy and fun. All you do is answer the four main questions, then visit the other participants’ blogs to see what they’re up to this week. Join us! Jooooiiiin uussss!

winter wuw

I’m still making my way through The Book Thief. I LOVE this book, and the writing is gorgeous, but it doesn’t make for quick reading. I could rip through it, but I want to savor the words. Zusak is a master with them. But I need to finish it. Then I get to read Seraphina by Rachel Hartman again! Mmm, I love that book.


I’m really clipping along with my revisions! When I finished the first draft, I had 47k words. Now, without touching the end which is basically summarized scenes, I’ve already 55k! I’ve been filling out the story and things are really coming to life. I don’t know if I’ve ever been as excited about a story as I am now. It’s a fantastic feeling.


So many things, but right now I’m loving the guest post from Kate Scott that just went up. Aaaaaand, I may or may not be giving away a copy of her book.* So go read it and enter the giveaway!


Trying to stay warm! It’s almost 9 AM and it’s only -5 degrees (Fahrenheit). Brrrrr!!! I have a play date for Turbo/sewing date for me this morning and of course it had to fall on the coldest day of the week. I’m not looking forward to braving the cold.

Okay, now go check out Kate’s guest post! And have a lovely week after that!


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