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WUW: Renewed Excitement Edition!

What’s Up Wednesday is a fun blog hop and you should join us! Jooooooiiiiiin uuuuuussssss. 


I read Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi over the weekend. It was my first experience with graphic novels and, while I don’t love the genre so far, it was a really interesting book to read. I loved learning more about the Iran Islamic Revolution (of which I knew very little), but had a hard time really connecting with the characters emotionally. But it was still a page turner and took me a little over an hour to read (over a few different reading sessions).

For book club this month, I chose Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I’m having a hard time reading it quickly because I just want to savor the language and drink all the words. I’ll read a paragraph at my normal speed, then go back and re-read it slower, so I fully enjoy the beauty of her writing. And the first time I read the book I whipped through it, so that’s also why I’m allowing myself to revel in her brilliance this go-round. ^_^


So … sorry about my poo fest last week and feeling all down here on the blog. It was good to rant and I really appreciate all of your suggestions and encouragement! (But I promise I wasn’t begging for attention. Then again, this is a blog so that’s kinda the point, right? Hah!) Well, a few hours after posting I realized that if I was second guessing my idea but still cared about the story and the characters, it meant it needed a bit more work. Something or somethings else to make it really unique. And yesterday, while listening to moody music (the playlist for this SNI, actually, and the exact song was “Cover Your Tracks” by A Boy and His Kite) and enjoying the moody soft snowiness of the day, I thought of it! And this idea … I’m so excited about it. I already decided I want to be ambitious with this book, taking risks and really delving deep into an uncomfortable subject material. And this idea just adds to that. I even ran it past my brother to make sure it makes sense (“would this work? or would it be too much?”) and he was like, Yeah dog! Okay, not so much, but he does think it’s a great idea. So yay!

Alas, though, I still won’t NaNo. I still haven’t touched FRACTURED RADIANCE and this new idea for my SNI will take a lot more planning to get it just right. So, I’m going to do NaNoReMo (national novel revising month) on FR and then hopefully have this new idea worked out enough to start writing my SNI in December when I pass off FR to my betas. I’m not outlining the story, per se, but it will take more planning than I did for FR.

So yay! My fire’s back!


Umm … I’m not sure? Hah! This week went by really fast in a blur of … stuff. Turbo’s FIRST BIRTHDAY is on Saturday and we’re throwing a party and my MIL is coming into town, so that’s been dominating my thought. (Seriously, how is he a year old already??) And the weather hasn’t worked in my favor to paint my mirror. But I really really really want to have it up in time for Turbo’s party on Saturday. Oh! We took family pictures on Saturday. That’s right. And Friday night the Mister and I actually went on a date. We got delicious, super messy burgers at one joint then went to a waffle place (like, a legit, independent waffle place–NOT Waffle House, etc.) for a waffle with marshmallow cream cheese and Nutella. YEAH. It was a night of gastronomical abandon and it was awesome.


Well, obviously the playlist for my SNI! It’s full of mellow moody music, with a few outliers thrown in. I don’t want to share the whole thing yet, but here are a few songs: “Cover Your Tracks” by A Boy and His Kite, “Seven Devils” by Florence + The Machine, “Kingdom Come” by The Civil Wars, “No Way” by The Naked and Famous, and “The Kiss” from Last of The Mohicans soundtrack. ^_^

How’s your week going? I hope it’s awesome.

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