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WUW: Turning Gears Edition


Still working on Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I did absolutely no reading over the weekend because things were all crazy-fied. Aaaand book club is tomorrow (I’m hosting! and making the most delicious chocolate cake in the whole history of ever) so I need to get cracking! Having another lovely weather week, so I’ve spent Turbo’s last two afternoon naps sitting in my car, in the sun, reading. Heaven.


I’ve been doing recon work on my SNI with that grand idea I had last week. My brain-grape gears are turning. The world is really starting to come together and now I’m really wishing I could do NaNo because I’m ready to discover this story! Don’t you love when you get to that point of writing and it no longer feels like you’re creating it, rather you’re discovering it? I’ve been feeling that way with my world building and it’s awesome. Bye bye poo fest from two weeks ago!


Laini Taylor. I think that’s part of the reason I’m itching to write. Whenever I read her stuff I feel so inspired and it’s awesome. That’s a huge part of the reason why she’s my fave.


TURBO TURNED ONE ON SATURDAY!! I can’t even believe it. We threw a party on Saturday too, which initially was going to be a very small thing but then it grew because I like throwing parties and I haven’t thrown one in years. I even decorated and had a theme! (Bikes, of course.) My MIL drove out because she’s absolutely in love with her grandson (he’s her one and only so far) and I used the threat of party guests to finish some house projects. INCLUDING my mirror!! Here it is in all its bold pink glory:

2013-10-23 08.39.26

2013-10-23 08.39.36

Ahhh, I love it! It’s so pink and big and mirrory. Mmmm …

Turbo’s party was a blast and he got SUPER messy with his mousse pie. So fun. And, again, so crazy. Where has the last year gone??

Also, please listen to The Naked and Famous’s new album In Rolling Waves because it’s awesome.

How was your week? I’m super behind on commenting* so I promise I’ll visit everyone tonight!


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